• Artstring is a free museum companion app aimed at improving the experience of visitors and would-be visitors to museums by helping them to connect to the collection and to each other.


  • My brief was initially to create imagined examples of the app in use for demonstration mock-up images, showcasing a variety of authorial voices and perspectives and preferences, to really drive home the predicted broad appeal of the app.

  • When I was re-engaged later to approach the app store descriptions, website copy, and mailshot copy, I was charged with creating a concise, friendly introduction to the app for two different sets of app store users, and a longer, enticing piece aimed at fresh visitors to the website, with a more intimate approach for the mailshot. Both mailshot and web copy were to encapsulate enthusiasm and joy about museums, and culminate in an enchanted call to action.

App Site Descriptions

  • Apple Store

    ArtString is a museum companion app which can be used for planning visits to museums, exploring whole collections in person or in-app, and discussing what you find.

    See what other museum visitors think of individual items in the permanent collections of various museums, follow and create "strings" of objects on whatever themes take your fancy, share those strings with others, and find and discuss ideas by using searchable #hashtags — share in the experience of new discoveries with everyone who has ever stood in front of the same object as you, because what makes museums even more incredible is the people who visit them!

    ArtString lets you search across different museum collections, through other people's strings, and participate in discussions to get more out of museums whether you're standing in front of an object or 2,000 miles away.

  • Google Play

    ArtString is a museum companion app which can be used for planning visits to museums, exploring whole collections in person or in-app, and discussing what you find.


  • Subject: It's time for art — explore London's Museums with the FREE ArtString app

  • Body:

Hi [name],


Welcome to the first ArtString newsletter! You get the great news ahead of everyone else: you can now download the ArtString app (on Android and iOS) and bring a whole new dimension to your museum visits.


ArtString breaks the silence in museums — let the art speak!


Museums are incredible. They make you feel, get you thinking, open up your heart and mind. But that's not always easy to articulate without talking it through, comparing notes, seeing things side-by-side.


ArtString is a museum companion app that puts you right in the centre, and lets your heart do the talking. It's all about exchanging ideas, telling stories and learning from other ArtString users — new ideas that can surprise and enlighten.


Currently you can see the ENTIRE catalogue of the British Museum, Science Museum and the National Gallery. In those collections you can:


  • • String objects together by any theme you like and show the world
  • • Take a tour of other users' strings and enjoy their commentary for a taste of something new
  • • Read and explore thoughts and ideas from other visitors
  • • Comment or use hashtags to join the conversation about your favourite objects
  • • Find new favourites, or look at old ones in ways you'd never expected to
  • • Keep those favourites with you to show your friends later as a virtual souvenir of your visit
  • • Post your favourite — or even the whole string — on other social media


Download the ArtString app FREE today, let's get the conversation started. Right now, ArtString is waiting for your stories and your wonder.


Every person is a whole world of connections between the past and present that deserves to be displayed. So on your next visit to a museum, we invite you to add your own perspectives in ArtString, to instigate and help other visitors, and start making museums into spaces of shared human emotions.


If you've ever looked at a lunar module and wondered if it felt the same way to look at it when it was first on display; if you've got decades of memories from your favourite paintings just bursting to be told; if you've got opinions and questions about how those wooden totem poles made it to the British Museum and where you think they should go next — get those thoughts, memories, questions and opinions out into ArtString and find like minds — or learn from different ones!


Enjoy your adventure!

Collaborative Ethos

  • From my experience as a collaborative writer, I've long known that rapid, clear, responsive and continual communication is at the core of producing work that pleases everyone involved, whether they're mutual stakeholders or we're in a client/service-provider relationship


    Working with my client to find the absolute optimum copy for her needs was a highly collaborative process; setting out a shared Google Doc meant that if she wanted, my client could observe and comment on the drafting of copy in real-time, and allowed me to incorporate her ideas, preferences and changes for speedy delivery.


    A collaborative approach also helps with getting under the skin of a brief; with a clearer idea of my client's needs and desires and vision for this app with each comment, I was able to pre-empt more and more of her stylistic preferences and the correct tone and content for every paragraph.


    While independent, self-started work is very much an integral part of copywriting, to really deliver on a brief with copy that is line-by-line perfect and in keeping with the client's vision, I believe that having a close, honest working relationship, resulting in an intimate understanding of how to interpret client feedback, is the most effective route.

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